May 6, 2015

Dag 1 

 Caio  Caio. Een smalle weg, haarspeldbochten zonder vangrails, fantastische vergezichten. Een hele vriendelijke ontvangst door Francesca en een clubje vriendinnen. Ik herken de Afrikaanse doeken over de sofa, Franceska blijkt mijn geboorteland te delen. “We must have a proper meal” zegt ze nadat ze ons de schalen met de overgebleven lunch heeft gegeven. Het is Zondag, alles is dicht en na de sandwiches van klm vanochtend om half acht hebben we trek. “You need wine, I presume” zegt ze met guitige ogen, en grist de etiketloze fles met plaatselijke wijn van tafel. Zo zitten we even later in een super knus huisje, het heeft wel wat weg van een Engelse cottage van binnen, heerlijk aan een verlate lunch.    



010 in Rotterdam

February 12, 2010

Who would know that I live in the suburbs of one of the large towns in Holland. Rotterdam.

Actuallly Charlois as our part of town is called does not always have a very good name.  In the newspapers you read about the difficulties, It ils one of the placaes that gets extra government attention because of crime rates and all the different cultures that live here. Yet not 5 minutes from my doorstep is a park with a botanical gareden wher this picture is taken. I go there when I want to get out of the city but do not have time to get out of the city.

I was thinking as I added these pictures that less than 1 kilometre away you would find yourself in completely different surroundings.  So is it closing my  eyes to reality if I seek out those places that appeal to me, I don’t think so because beauty is as much part of reality as ugliness or more common mundaneness or is it mundanity. The wonder for me is how they often exist side by side. I think it is often the mundane things that make the biggest contrast  to beauty around me, ugliness can have it’s own attraction.

All this leads me to an idea I have been having for a while. Sometimes you need to see things in a different perspective, maybe you need to turn things  upside down or around, say  180 degrees.  You get a different perspective if you look at things from a diferent angle. The same is true for the world around us. What if I took a wondrful picture and I turned 180 degrees and took another one, what does the world around me look like from a differen perspective.  As beauty is most often found in the most unexpected places, wouldn’t it be interesting to see the unexpected place as well. I did try this and ended up wilth a series of pictures usually one more or less nice and the other to mundane or to boring for words or to boring to be bothered to print. So as a photographer I find myself again looking for the interesting angle or the unexpected point of view in unexpected places.  Isn’t there an awfull lot of reality waiting to be lifted from obscurity.


February 1, 2010

White world from a car window

Amazing how blue, white can be.

This picture was taken while driving through one of our polders, in the province of flevoland. This whole area is reclaimed land. You can see  the dike on the left and the higher bit is actually the lake that used to be the zuyder zee,and that is now frozen over. I dont really know  why this was called the zuyder zee meaning south sea as it is in the north of Holland.

what is whiter than snow

white waves

Hello world!

February 2, 2009


Here are some of my paintings and pictures.

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My life is a ship

waiting in the harbour to sail

my life is a ship

waiting for the wind to unfurl my sails.

My life is a ship,  lying still, floating

fully rigged ready for adventure

My life is a ship,

lacking wind.


I am the wind, I am the wind in your sails

I am the one thing you cannot command  or make happen

I am the force that compells you, that drives you

I am as I should be

I am at once invisible and not to be missed.

So it is that the spirit moves the ship

as the spirit, the holy spirit moves.

so it is that I am moved by things unseen but mighty

So I am moved by things unseen but holy


The ship of my life has seen it’s highs and lows

It’s sails ,tattered and torn,

patched in  many places, mended with

the most unlikely pieces of cloth making up the fabric of my life

The patches  of my life

are not the promiss of pristine white.

The fabric of my life

is all the colours of today

mixed with the sorrows and joys

of  my  yesterday’s  and  tomorrow’s.


When the  spirit moves

I sail the seas.

I am the ship

When  the wind is in my sails

I  reach my destiny.